Back Pain

Back pain can range from a dull and constant ache to sharp, sudden pain. National Institutes of Health experts report back pain is one of the most common medical ailments, affecting eight out of 10 people at some point during their lives.

That’s why we launched the Mary Free Bed at Covenant HealthCare Spine Rehabilitation Program. Our team consists of occupational and physical therapists, who select from multiple treatment paths based on your condition, such as:

  • Physical therapy evaluation and treatment
  • Occupational therapy evaluation and treatment
  • Electrodiagnostics to test nerve and muscle function
  • Functional Capacity Assessment for work-related activities
  • Return-to-work therapy

The goals of our program are to increase flexibility and strengthen the muscles that support the spine. This helps to relieve and prevent further back and neck discomfort.

Our therapists instruct you on general body mechanics, stretching, strengthening and conditioning exercises specifically targeted at the back/spine problem area.

We’ll also provide education on correct posture, basic anatomy and physiology. You don’t just experience extraordinary healing, but you’ll be equipped for prevention, too.

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