A caring approach to your journey.

You’re facing a unique set of challenges, but you’re not alone.

We can help you fight the debilitating effects of cancer — before, during and after treatment.

Rehabilitation has been shown to improve recovery and restore quality of life. And at Mary Free Bed at Covenant HealthCare, we’d like to help you manage that rehabilitation, providing a path for you to deal with the physical, cognitive and emotional issues associated with this disease.  

We’re here for every step of your journey. We’re here to help you thrive. 

Why Mary Free Bed at Covenant?

Why Mary Free Bed at Covenant? 

We understand that a coordinated effort between the people on your cancer team will help you better tolerate surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, heal faster and recover more quickly. That’s why we’ll collaborate with your doctors to make sure you get the best care.

We help patients with all types of cancer, including:

  • Breast
  • Lung
  • Prostate and other genitourinary cancers, such as testicular cancer and bladder cancer
  • Brain cancer
  • Colorectal and other gastrointestinal cancers, such as gallbladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer and liver cancer
  • Bone
  • Gynecologic, such as cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine/endometrial cancer, vaginal cancer and vulvar cancer
  • Leukemia and lymphoma
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Kidney
  • Head and neck
  • Melanoma
  • Pediatric
  • Eye

Your Experience

Your Experience

The goal is to maximize your independence and quality of life.

Our program provides education, exercise, therapeutic techniques and resources that will help you regain and maintain function, from muscle strength and hand-eye coordination to improved memory and organizational skills.


The duration and intensity of your therapy will depend on your individual needs and tolerance. Research shows the sooner you begin rehabilitation at an appropriate level of intensity, the better your outcome will be. 

You’ll work with a specially trained team of physicians, nurses and therapists during your stay. The focus will be on improving your strength, flexibility, balance and more. 

Patients typically do three or more hours of therapy at least five days a week, with recreational therapy activities, rest and visits with family and friends on the weekends. 


A variety of specialized technology and rehabilitation equipment is available, including ceiling-mounted ambulation systems. Dedicated gyms are located on your floor, and you can practice home skills in simulated environments, such as an apartment. 


We know the lives of your family and friends also are significantly affected by your cancer. Your loved ones are an integral part of your treatment team. They will receive support and education, so they can be an important part of your recovery. 

We also can connect you with other cancer patients who received rehabilitation with us. They truly understand your situation and often are able to offer helpful insights. 

In the evenings, you can relax in your private room or visit with family, friends and other patients in one of our social areas or our rooftop terrace. Our Patient + Family Amenities page, offers helpful information, including comfortable and affordable lodging for patients and families who live outside the Great Lakes Bay Region. 

Your Team

Your Team

Depending on your needs, your team may include clinicians from several disciplines or a few, such as:

  • Board-certified rehabilitation physicians, hand-selected for you and your condition(s).
  • Registered nurses with rehabilitation and wound care certification, as well as nursing care assistants.
  • Occupational therapists to help you resume independence with daily activities, such as brushing your teeth, getting dressed, doing laundry and grocery shopping.
  • Physical therapists to help you resume independence with walking, transferring and mobility.
  • Psychologists focus on your emotional well-being, which is just as important as your physical condition.
  • Registered dietitians to evaluate your nutritional needs and monitor your food intake.
  • Speech-language pathologists to help you, if necessary, with eating, swallowing, speaking, breathing and so on.
  • Recreational therapists to help you get back to doing things you enjoy or introduce you to new leisure activities.
  • care manager who partners with you and your caregivers to help you adjust to your injury and prepare to return home.

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Outpatient Experience

Outpatient Experience

Mary Free Bed at Covenant HealthCare provides a full spectrum of care, including specialized therapy, home and community services, and life-long follow-up care.  

We create a path to manage the physical, cognitive and emotional impairments that can come with cancer and its treatments. Our outpatient services are available either after you graduate from our inpatient program or as a new patient.

You’ll participate in a thorough evaluation and assessment in a clinic setting. Your multidisciplinary team will develop a plan to help you improve strength, flexibility, balance and more. We understand it can be exhausting to attend multiple medical appointments, so we’ll try our best to schedule them with respect for your time and energy.

When you graduate from outpatient therapy, we offer exercise and yoga classes to maintain your gains.

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