Rhythm of Resilience: Jo Jo’s Rehabilitation Journey after Cardiac Arrest

In February 2023, Joe “Jo Jo” Jimenez collapsed on stage while performing during a concert. He had experienced sudden cardiac arrest, and CPR was administered for a staggering 40 minutes. Due to the lack of oxygen, Jo JO suffered an anoxic brain injury. He slowly regained strength in the ICU. Following two weeks of stabilization, he transferred to the Mary Free Bed at Covenant HealthCare Adult Inpatient Rehabilitation program.

In this video, Joe’s family recounts his fight for survival and unwavering perseverance to regain his independence. Despite facing significant challenges, Jo Jo’s passion for drumming served as a beacon of hope during his physical therapy sessions. Hear from his dedicated team at Mary Free Bed at Covenant HealthCare as they guide Jo Jo and his family through his inpatient and outpatient therapy.